About Us

My American Address is a Canadian-owned company, catering to cross-border shopping experience. By using My American Address for receiving, shipping, warehousing and fulfillment purposes, our customers are supporting both the U.S. and Canadian economies. Conveniently located in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, a short 5 minute drive from the International Bridge. Since 2009, My American Address is the most all-inclusive package hub in the area.

Built around customer service, we aim to anticipate our customer’s every need. It starts with our transparent communication, being available during our operating hours as well as 24/7 online through facebook and instagram.  The main lobby holds a comfortable seating area, package recycling station, fitting rooms and a mobile device charging station.

My American Address, for all of your cross-border shipping and transport solutions for your everyday shopping and business-to-business convenience.


Providing Canadian customers with an American address for convenient online shopping.
We receive parcels of any size and weight (up to 5000 lbs) for both personal and commercial orders.

Our Receiving Services Include:

–  visual inspection of each parcel
–  onsite fitting rooms
–  handling returns onsite
–  cold storage (4ᵒC to -20ᵒC)
–  heavy freight (up to 5000 lbs)
–  US mailboxes
–  onsite recycling station
–  24 hr video surveilance
–  24 hr customer support (through facebook and instagram)


Shipping parcels throughout the US as well as international shipping.
My American Address is a logistics hub, working closely with leading shipping companies to cater to both your budget and timeline.


Storing bulk shipments securely under 24 hr video surveillance, including heavy freight and cold storage.
With over 5000 sqft of space, My American Address offers competitive prices and monthly invoicing if preferred.


Full service eCommerce prep and support services for Canadian online stores to reach the American consumer/audience.

Are you an Amazon retailer or an online shop looking to expand into the United States?  Look no further!

We are your one-stop logistics and storage hub.

Our Fulfillment Services Include:

–  quality and quantity inspection (upon arrival)
–  cold storage (4ᵒC to -20ᵒC)
–  24 hr surveillance
–  turn-around of 1 business day
–  experienced and knowledgeable staff on United States logistics
–  competitive prices
–  individual product packaging and labeling
–  product sorting
–  24 hr customer support (through facebook and instagram)

How Fulfillment Works:

We receive your shipment and inspect the quality and quantity.  Informing you of any potential problems the item might have, eliminates the risk of sending damaged or faulty goods to your customer.

We label, bundle and re-package the items for transport to your customer.  We work with the best couriers to ensure timely delivery from our warehouse to your customers doorstep.

Let us help streamline your business and ease your mind.

Please contact us with any requirements that you might have.

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